thank you!

January 23, 2008

I moved to a new site and you can now find this post at

If you would like to add me to your blogroll or feed reader, the new site is and the RSS feed is

thanks -meg


7 Responses to “thank you!”

  1. Anina Says:

    I’m so happy that you’re back to sewing. I have quite a few new projects going myself – too many to mention actually.
    Love the diggers.

  2. seemownay Says:

    Yep, it is really hard to not let bloglife take over reality. I am glad that you finally got a go on sewing again. Same here – I am going to sit in front of my machine tonight. No excuses! Good luck.

  3. mom Says:

    The pincushion (which I thought was my old one) is the spittin’image of the one you grew up with. It will rally you in times of need. Glad you’re back at it.

  4. Katherine Says:

    Love the photo of your works in progress. Makes me even more curious to see your finished projects…

    What do I have in the works? Far more than I should admit to (grin). Presently, my main focus is on a quilt I’m making from a collection of plaid shirts.

  5. Katy Says:

    Keep on sewing!!! Those diggers will be amazing, be sure to keep us updated.
    I’ve been trying out some dolls for my etsy shop, my head goes to fast for my fingers though and I really need to stop writing down ideas and just concentrate on what I’m doing today.

  6. Beava Says:

    wow, amazing. Can I pre- order one?

  7. dorie Says:

    I love your plush diggers. What a cool idea!

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