holiday birthdays

November 28, 2007

I moved to a new site and you can now find this post at

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thanks -meg


11 Responses to “holiday birthdays”

  1. Ali Says:

    As a December birthday girl, I salute your thoughtfulness.

    And the train mat bag is wonderful.

  2. Alix Says:

    lovely bag. Whoo Whoo. I’ve been meaning to make something similar for a long time, but very big, as a lego bag. no more trying to scoop up the bits. the tape loops will make it so much easier.

  3. soozs tutorial is great isn’t it, i fell in love with that farm fabric she used, had to get some when i spotted it on superbuzzy last week!, i love the train idea, it works really well. i’m aiming to make one with the farm on it, and also have some fabric printed like a pirate treasure map, want to put some playmobil pirates in the bag too.

  4. Jenna Says:

    I loved this idea also. Your train version came out great. The stencils look perfect.

  5. Beth Says:

    Fantastic! I love it, especially with your stencils which I initially thought was just the best fabric ever for a two-year-old train lover.

  6. sooz Says:

    This is gorgeous! Love love love the stencils!!

  7. Nanette Says:

    So gorgeous Meg, well done!

  8. kelly Says:

    wow, this is great. i’ve heard about this type of mat/bag but not seen one! i might just give one a try, any pointers? -kb

  9. kim Says:

    what a great bag! i totally want one now… man, i wish i was a two year old boy getting a choo choo bag.

  10. Shirley Says:

    Gorgeous bag – my 1 year old baby boy is train-daft & would love this for his Thomas the tank engine :0)
    My poor dad would sympathise with the holiday birthday crew – his is December 26th! I can’t complain though – mine has fallen on Easter Sunday twice & I got presents & extra chocolate eggs :0)

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