mutant gingerbreadmen

November 17, 2007

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thanks -meg


15 Responses to “mutant gingerbreadmen”

  1. kirsten Says:

    okay, i already told you how awesome these are – but they are SO AWESOME!!! love them. my husband had to point out the one head eating the other – ha! i love the frown and the perfect mr. bill ‘o’ mouths.

    and yes, Christmas is great – but when you have a 2yo it definitely gets better! 🙂 kids are great.

  2. jess Says:

    Love these! All i could think of was that gingerbreadman in shrek saying “You’re a monster”!

  3. Bea Says:

    Wow! Hehe.. I love these.. 😉

  4. janet clare Says:

    Just found you, and have added you to my ‘favourites’ already!

  5. judith Says:

    I hope Katie’s not checking these out.
    These guys look fantastic! I don’t think
    you can get any more creative than that!

  6. Amber Fry Says:

    Cool! My husband usually doesn’t look at the blogs I read but he had to see these.

  7. Love love love them……


  8. littlemesses Says:

    this is hilarious! i love it.

  9. kirsten Says:

    this is ridiculously hysterical!! love it.

  10. Kim Davis Says:

    I LOVE these!

  11. jo Says:

    These are great, but sadly they do look like the gingerbread men I tried to make yesterday – not so great!

  12. Karen Says:

    Love your gingerbread men…made my own and packaged them with Damdged stock reduced to clear stickers on to finish them off.

    Posted on my blog.

  13. […] The gingerbread man is a little stuffed ornament (I posted a pattern here and there are more I made here). We would make gingerbread men (and ladies) every year and before they would go in the oven we […]

  14. Khristina Says:

    I have only just come across your blog today and these eaten gingerbread and just hilarious…lol..hugs,Khris

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